NILES, Ill. (WTVO) — A loose cow was corralled by Illinois police Thursday morning after a senior prank gone wrong.

Officers responded to the 8300 block of Ballard road around 3 a.m. for reports of suspicious subjects in the area, according to WQOW.

Several students of nearby Northridge Preparatory School had reportedly been trying to get live animals into the school for a senior prank. They had purchased a pig and a cow on Craigslist.

Chickens owned by a student were also involved.

The cow proceeded to escape and went into a local neighborhood. A video posted to Facebook showed five people chasing the cow through the area.

Police, as well as a representative from Wagner Farms, located the cow in a nook behind a row of home. Though the cow fought back, it was corralled into a trailer without any injuries to itself or officials.

“I was standing by the truck, and it looked like a rodeo. It was crazy between the police and the trappers, and then it was the cow was coming in the crowd, so we all kinda like backed off a bit. But it was interesting,” said neighbor Kurt Hejza.

Though school administration is not pursing criminal charges, the students involved were issued citations by the Village of Niles for Curfew Violation, Disorderly Conduct and Animal Feces Accumulation-Not Permitted and Prohibited Animal Species.

The cow will be taken to Hooved Animals Humane Society in Woodstock.