DECATUR, Ill. (WTVO) — Two police officers were shot during a Wednesday morning traffic stop in Decatur.

Police said that the officers made the traffic stop and asked the driver to show his hands. The two officers said that the did not comply, claiming that he fired several shots at them when they tried getting him out of the vehicle.

The chief said that four officers, including a Macon County deputy, fired back, killing 32-year-old Jamontey Neal.

“Whether it’s this incident or any of the everyday incidents that the officers handle, whether it’s a regular routine traffic stop or call for service that might seem routine or mundane, we know that any point in time those incidents can turn deadly,” said Decatur Police Chief Shane Brandel.

Both of the officers who were shot are Decatur Police officers. One was hit multiple times and is in serious condition, while the other was shot once and is expected to recover.