ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — People in Illinois have their vices, a new study shows, with the state ranking as the 8th most sinful state in the country.

The new study, by WalletHub, compared each state by some of the Seven Deadly Sins, including greed, lust, and vanity, to form a Vice Index.

Illinois ranked in the top 10 in two categories, Anger & Hatred and Vanity.

“[Anger & Hatred] would have a lot to do with violence and crime, while the other was vanity, which has to do with beauty salons per capita and plastic surgeries per capita,” analyst Jill Gonzalez told The Center Square.

Anger & Hatred was calculated by looking at violent crimes, sex offenders per capita, bullying rate, hate crime incidents, teen dating violence, etc.

The study also calculated Jealousy by thefts and fraud per capita; Greed by casinos and gambling establishments per capita; Lust by Google searches for adult websites, prostitution arrests, and the teen birth rate.

You can see the full methodology here.

The study concluded Nevada, California, and Louisiana were the top three most sinful states.