(WTVO) — Safety advocates are using this week as a reminder to parents to make sure that they have the right car seat for their child.

The Illinois Department of Transportation reported that two children under the age of 13 were killed every day while riding in cars in 2019.

There are more than 90 car seat check events happening across Illinois this week. They will check to make sure that the seats are installed correctly, as well as talk to parents about the importance of registering the seat.

Christina Ladage, senior car seat instructor proxy for the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District, said that parents can get a ticket if their car seat does not meet the correct requirements for their child.

“State law was changed a number of years ago. I don’t recall [the] exact year because we’ve been encouraging it a lot longer,” Ladage said. “Rear facing until age two. Turning around too early for that can result in head neck and spinal injuries due to lack of development in ligaments muscles and tendons.”

There are several places around the stateline to get an inspection, including fire departments and hospitals, as well as the “Safe Kids Coalition” at Swedish American Hospital.