SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — Illinois Senate Republicans are denouncing the state’s guidance on the assault weapons ban.

This comes after the attorney general’s office said that guns purchased when a judge issued an injunction on the law would be illegal.

A judge stopped the state from enforcing the assault weapons ban in April, which allowed people to buy those weapons for six days. An appeals court then reversed that decision.

Republicans said that the attorney general’s guidance has concerned people who bought guns during that time frame, but Governor JB Pritzker said that people need to follow the law.

“The fact that the attorney general is simply telling people now what the rules are around that law, that should have been fairly evident by the virtue of the law passing there,” Pritzker said.

“We need the Attorney General to step up and provide proper guidance to make sure these people who are acting lawfully are not going to be penalized by the State of Illinois here in the future,” countered State Senator Jason Plummer.

Gun owners are supposed to register their assault weapons with State Police by January 1.