SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — A scary moment for Illinois State Senator Chapin Rose, as an elevator he was in at the Capitol suddenly started to fall.

Rose was on his way to a meeting, hopping in an elevator on the fourth floor. It started to drop as soon as the doors closed.

It plummeted all the way down to the second floor, a drop of about 40 feet.

Rose said that he had a hard time processing exactly what had happened when the elevator finally stopped.

“It was over before it began, the emergency brakes work. It was a little unsettling for sure, you know, a little unnerving,” Rose said. “I won’t say I was too focused for about an hour after that, but you know, hey, all’s well that ends well.”

Rose was stuck in the elevator for another 20 minutes or so once the brakes caught the elevator.