SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — Illinois is strengthening its rules on insurance companies, which includes ensuring that they have adequate networks in the state.

The Joint Commission on Administrative Rules passed the new set of rules. They affect how the Department of Insurance will enforce the “Network Adequacy and Transparency Act.”

The act requires health insurance networks to meet certain adequacy standards, but previous rules made it hard to enforce.

This comes after Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois inflated its provider directories.

Lawmakers said that it is about holding networks accountable.

“So, yeah, I think forcing them to do an audit every 90 days of their directory to update it is helpful,” said State Senator Chapin Rose. “I’m still gonna point out, if you have lazy bureaucrats that don’t check the self-certifications, none of this is gonna matter.”

The rules also increase transparency around when and how networks report major changes to their plans.