SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — The Illinois Treasurer will be mailing more than 66,000 people in Illinois checks for up to $5,000 in unclaimed property.

According to Treasurer Michael Frerichs, the state’s Money Match program will automatically return money to individuals without the need to file a claim. The total to be returned is $47 million.

“How can we make life a little bit better and a little bit easier for our residents is the driving force behind all of our programs,” Frerichs said. “Putting money in people’s pockets so they can decide how best to spend it simply makes a lot of sense and is the right thing to do.”

The program matches mailing addresses collected by the state to the treasurer’s unclaimed property database.

After one security step is concluded, a check is issued to the owner.

Not included is cash owned by multiple parties, including a joint holding of a parent and minor child, as well as shares of stocks and bonds, escrow accounts, and the contents of bank safe deposit boxes. That part does not change, but the cap is raised to $5,000 from $2,000.