ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — We’ve all done it, driving barefoot. In the summer, it may sound like fun to kick off your flip-flops on a drive to the lake. But is it legal to operate a car without shoes in Illinois?

Driving barefoot in Illinois is and always has been perfectly legal.

HOWEVER! You could face a citation for Failure to Exercise Due Care if you are involved in a collision.

Most states in the U.S. suggest wearing proper footwear, as barefoot driving is unsafe.

According to GetJerry, the car insurance app, bare feet have less traction on the pedals, especially if your feet are wet or covered with sand. And, your braking force is reduced. Also, driving without shoes could be distracting if you step on something sharp, or stub your toe.

Also, if you are involved in an accident, you could severely injure your foot on broken glass.

And, leaving your shoes near your feet could cause them to get stuck under the brake pedal, which could be deadly.

Wearing shoes in the car also can protect your passengers from smelling your stinky feet!