ROCKFORD (WTVO) — Depending on where you live, waste management services tend to pick up garbage at least once per week. If your bins get too full or you throw something in a neighbor’s, you may actually be breaking a law in Illinois.

In most areas across the country, waste management and sanitation services are paid for through your county, municipality, town, etc. via your property taxes.

Illinois legislation 720 ILCS 5/47-15, otherwise known as the “illegal dumping laws”, say that your neighbors can not use your trash receptacles because you pay the city for pickup, therefore, the local government with which you live considers that to be an unauthorized “theft of services.”

Cities have coined the term “fly-tipping” as someone who uses another person’s trash can without permission, and it is illegal in most states.

Not only could a perpetrator be cited for ‘fly-tipping’, they could also be punished for potential trespassing.

Per 720 ILCS 5/47-15, an offender is also liable for, “reasonable costs incurred by the owner or person in possession for cleaning up and properly disposing of the garbage, rubbish, trash, or refuse, and for reasonable attorneys’ fees.”