ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Sometimes, a growing family or auto enthusiast may have more cars than they have room for in their driveway or garage.

Is it legal for someone to park a car in their yard?

According to the Illinois Vehicle Code, there is no state law explicitly prohibiting it.

State law is mostly concerned with making sure that there are no obstructions to public thoroughfares or access to fire hydrants or emergency equipment.

However, many municipalities do have ordinances on the books that prohibit parking on your lawn.

In Rockford, for instance, the City has ordinances prohibiting the parking of any “inoperable motor vehicle” from being parked for more than 7 days on either public or private property, because they contribute to blight; become a home for rodents, insects and vermin; can be a fire hazard; contain fluids that, if leaked, can contaminate the environment; or may pose a danger to the public because of loose or jagged parts.

The City says that owners should avoid an ordinance violation and fine by placing the vehicle in a garage or having it towed.

The City also requires that recreational vehicles, trailers, and boats be parked on a paved surface.

According to VEHQ, parking on grass can damage both the car and the lawn over time. Grass surfaces are full of moisture, which can evaporate and stick to the undercarriage of the car, which can break down the protective coatings and cause rust.

Parking on grass can also damage your lawn, as any fluid leaks of oil or gas from the car can damage the soil. And, the weight of the car can create ruts from the tires over time, especially during a rainy season.

Rockford also passed an ordinance requiring all gravel driveways to be paved by November 1st, 2023.