ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Last month, a Rockford woman went viral for calling the police on two men who shoveled her sidewalk for free.

According to The Daily Beast, Gregory McAdory, who runs a snow removal business, and a friend were clearing his friend’s dad’s driveway and decided to clean the elderly neighbor’s sidewalk for free.

In a now-viral recording of the incident, the unnamed woman is seen shoveling the snow back onto her sidewalk, saying “Don’t trespass that line! I don’t need anything from you!”

She later is heard calling police, saying, “These two guys are African American, and I don’t get along with them. …They are making fun of me. See, they don’t have no respect!”

Police officers later responded to the scene to hear the woman’s complaint, and are heard concluding that she may suffer from a mental illness.

But the incident begs the question: is it illegal to shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk?

The answer is: no. A sidewalk is considered public property in Illinois.

Additionally, shoveling a sidewalk is not required by Illinois homeowners, but they are “encouraged” to do it.