ROCKFORD, Ill (WTVO) — With the upcoming warm spring and summer months in the midwest, many folks host backyard gatherings, like barbecues among other outdoor events. When it becomes time to relieve your bladder, you may want to think twice before peeing in your backyard in Illinois.

One thing to consider is the illegal act of public exposure. Those laws occur when someone exposes their private parts in a public setting. Some punishments can vary state-to-state, but depending on the circumstances can carry a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances.

According to Illinois law, public indecency is always considered a sex crime, and there are two forms of public indecency that are against the law. One is having sex with another person in public. The other “a lewd exposure of the body done with the intent to arouse or to satisfy the sexual desire of the person.”

While peeing in public is prohibited, because you are on private property you are legally allowed to pee in your backyard if you choose to do so in Illinois.

However, if you do water the garden in plain view of your neighbor and they happen to see you, you can potentially be alerted to the authorities and face charges.

Again, public urination is a crime in every state, and you could face a fine if found guilty by the state or your city.