ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Back in December, it was announced the Stellantis Plant in Belvidere would be laying off more than 1300 employees. This has created a ripple effect for other companies in the Stateline.

Syncreon announced they would be laying off 150 employees come February 25th. The staff has been given one thousand dollars in retributions. That goes even for Charles Gustin who has put 17 years of hard work into the company.

“It comes out to 44 dollars a year you been there, which is, it’s pretty sad,” Gustin says. “The really sad thing is is when the news comes out, like even during a normal shutdowns. Oh it’s going to affect like 1,200 people. Yea, but your not talking about the thousands of people for your suppliers that supply the parts to make the cars. The suppliers are just basically unspoken for.”

Syncreon is a direct supplier for Stellantis helping provide parts for the Jeep Cherokee. The company has offered to relocate employees, but Gustin says that packing up and moving to a different state isn’t easy, especially after almost two decades of work.

“Expecting to think you’re going to retire here in Belvidere and carry on your life, now you gotta pick up move your life. Either get an apartment up there in one of these places until you get your two years in and then come back home, but that’s devastating,” Gustin said.

Syncreon isn’t alone in the layoffs. Android and Magna will be letting go a combine 200 employees in the coming weeks.

“As far as our end of the deal, we are pretty much dead in the water they don’t want to offer nothing,” Gustin said.

Gustin says some employees have already been calling out, but many still show up even after feeling disrespected.

They need the paycheck to pay their bills, otherwise if they had the money in the bank. After what they did with the thousand dollar offer its like a slap in the face after 17 years,” said Gustin.

Stellantis will be starting their layoff process February 28th, just three days after Syncreon.

I have tried to contact Syncreon and will make updates when I hear back.