ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A paranormal activity show stopped in Rockford recently to take a look at the Tinker Swiss Cottage Farm, which is notorious for its ghost presence.

Residents who are into haunted stuff are in for a treat, as Jack Osbourne’s show will be featuring the museum in a few months.

“Here at the museum, absolutely love our jobs,” said Samantha Hockmann, executive director of the Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum. “We love the history we love the Tinker family’s story, and it’s great to see it on national television once again.”

Jack Osbourne and the brew of his TV show “Night of Terror” stopped by the “Forest City” back in December 2022 to take a look at the most haunted place that Rockford had to offer.

“They were looking for places in the Midwest that were haunted. They knew that we had been on SciFi Channel’s ‘Ghost Hunters’ back in 2012, they’d seen that we had continued to do various events throughout the years, and so they asked, ‘well, is there actually anything going on,'” Hochmann said. “We talked about all of our personal experiences, and they decided that it sounded spooky enough for them to come out.”

Hochmann said it is great to have someone like Jack Osbourne feature some thing that is her passion, as well as many others in the community who love the cottage. Hochmann, a coworker and members from “Haunted Rockford” will be seen in the episode.

“We’re really excited to have everybody in town excited,” Hochmann said. “You know, you never tour your own hometown, and so to have folks from the community excited about the museum.”

That is not the only paranormal excitement in the city, as there will be the annual “Illinois Paranormal Conference” held in Rockford on August 26-27.

“We have guest speakers from various groups [that] come in,” Hochmann said. “You get to meet the teams, you get to meet with some paranormal vendors, and then there’ll be lectures throughout the afternoon. And then in the evening, we’re doing a special investigation of Veterans Memorial Hall.”

The museum is hoping to have a free showing of “Night of Terror” on October 15, followed by a Q&A with those in the episode. More information can be found on the Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum’s website.