JANESVILLE, Wis. (WTVO) — Kevin Mageland received a bike from strangers when he was a kid. Now, he is paying back that generosity to others, pedaling out over 600 bikes to those who can’t afford one.

“Growing up, my family had a rough time, so that’s why I do it.”

From brakes, to pedals, to tires, Mageland cleans up and fixes every piece. Sometimes, the bikes are donated. Other times, he stumbles across one. Regardless, Mageland has been posting the refurbished bikes to Facebook since 2020, all to give back to the community.

“A lot of people are on tough times right now, and people reach out to me and donate bikes,” said Mageland. “I’m just happy and willing to fix any bike that somebody gives me to give back to the city of Janesville and Rock County residents.”

The recently-retired Mageland usually gives his bikes away, but last week, he did something a little different. He sold the bikes for just a dollar.

“The last [Facebook] post I had about 70 bikes and I asked for a dollar,” said Mageland. “Then some people gave a dollar, some people gave 20 and some people gave 10.”

In total, Mageland received $130 from his bike sales, which he proceeded to donate to the Janesville Boys and Girls Club.

“It feels great when I see somebody smile and they’re very happy that they have a bike,” Mageland said.

He hopes people will see there is still good in the world, one bike at a time.

“I’m just looking for more bike donations in the future so I can provide more bikes to many families that need a bike, whether it’s little kids or a person that needs a bike to get to work.”

To learn more about Mageland’s work and to contract him about a bike, visit his Facebook page here.