ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — THREAT UPDATE: District 205 responds to the Jefferson High School shooting threat.

“We have been working with Rockford Police since Sunday afternoon to investigate an online threat that includes Jefferson High School. As a precaution, we will have additional police and security on campus today both at Jefferson and other school sites. Safety and security of our students and staff is always our No. 1 priority, and we take all threats seriously. We will share more information as needed. Thank you.”

Many parents shared their frustration and disappointment with RPS #205, saying that they wished the district would have notified them sooner.

Many parents chose to keep their kids home after police posted Sunday night about a threat of a potential shooting.

“I don’t know how other parents feel, but for me to protect my kids, I just kept them home,” said Alisha Roser, whos daughters attend Jefferson.

“A couple of concerned parents were sharing it on social media and asking ‘where did this come from, has anyone else hear about this,’ I said,” added Katie Aube, whose daughter is a student at Jefferson. “My daughter, she told me that someone randomly posted it, and they just kept sharing it and sharing it, and it kept on circulating.”

Both Roser and Aube did not hesitate to keep their daughters home, and said that they are disappointed with the lack of communication from the school district.

“The school system should send out an alert on the phone, saying ‘hey, there’s going to be a school shooting,’ or ‘hey, this is going to be happening at the school,’ or something,” Roser said.

“So, for us to kind of find out on social media, or through our kids, is kind of upsetting, knowing that they had already known,” added Aube.

RPS# 205 put out a statement nine hours after the police post. Don Leni, who also kept his daughter home, said that it was too late.

“They say they didn’t want parents to panic, but that’s exactly what did happen, because we found out other places and didn’t hear the truth from them,” Leni said.

The parents said that they will continue to put their children’s safety above anything else.

“I don’t got regrets, keeping them home, and I’ll keep them home as long as I have to until this is resolved,” said Roser.

“You can never be too safe, it’s just kind of the world that we live in today,” added Aube. “We’re not a small town here, people can get access to weapons or anything like that right around the corner, it’s just easier for my heart to keep my kid home.”

Transparency is what several RPS parents are calling for.

“They don’t report on anything until it’s 12 hours later, and that’s the same with the bussing situation, that’s the same with everything,” Roser said.

“I’m a little disappointed about the communication on the schools end, only simply because we woke up this morning, as of about 2 hours ago they posted that they actually been notified and had been working on this since yesterday afternoon,” Aube added.

RPS #205 has declined any on-camera interviews, though they did say that they would have extra police and security, and the Rockford Police said that they have no updates to their investigation.

Parents said that they hope that the district can communicate important information sooner moving forward.


UPDATE: School will resume as normal this morning at Jefferson High School after police were made aware of a threat of a potential shooting Sunday night.

Police are continuing to investigate the threat at the school.