ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Jefferson High School had a garden on display in the middle of winter, but this wasn’t your normal garden.

It’s all thanks to some students who designed and manufactured metal flowers for their senior project.

“I was learning the plasma cutter, we were welding, we were doing a lot of things learned a lot, was super fun,” said Jefferson High School senior Jose Guzman.

Guzman’s job was to design the flowers and cut them using the plasma cutter.

“It feels good, you know, a good way to show off to others, everybody enjoyed it. Everybody feels good now that we finished them and we are ready to move on to the next project,” said Guzman.

Back in December, the students created 40 metal flowers. They first started with designing, then they developed a process and used the plasma cutter, and welding machine, along with painting, and assembling the flowers together. The students then took the flowers outside to the front of the school and place them in the garden so everyone could see.

Jose says his favorite part was designing the flowers and students say they are ready for bigger, more advanced projects now.

“The first three years of this class is basically using the equipment. you know using the equipment so you know what it can do and then putting it to use. I want them to leave the class knowing how things are made or at least looking at something and saying I know how that was done,” said manufacturing instructor Dutch Hinck.

The goal is for the students to learn about these machines and then put them to use. Creating things they never thought they could.

“It’s kinda giving them an opportunity to do something they didn’t know existed. said Mr. Hinck “I try and preach you’re making a story,” said Mr. Hinck.

Mr. Hinck and his classes are always looking for ways to create and test their skills.
Their next project is creating a chess board and pieces

“One thing I will say is if you want to join the Manufacturing thing it is so easy it’s super easy you learn a lot here this could be a career for many people”

The students are now selling their metal creations. All the funds will go to Jefferson’s Production Academy.