ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — War in Israel has affected those in the Stateline. Temples are on high alert and those living here have loved ones near the violence.

“They’re going after civilian populations in populated areas, and it’s very scary,” Ronit Golan said.

Golan has a mom and brother living in Israel. She once lived in the country too and is now the President of Temple Beth El in Rockford. Golan is worried for her mother who lives alone.

“She’s 92, she lives in a suburb of Jerusalem, and when everything started, she was home by herself and she heard an explosion not too far from her house. So it’s scary,” Golan said.

Synagogues across the country just like Temple Beth El in Rockford were on high alert. Rabbi Binah Wing at Temple Beth El spoke about the added security which include the sheriff’s department being present.

“Antisemitism has been on the rise, and so our security has been ratcheted up recently anyway, especially considering that our most important fall holidays just took place,” Rabbi said.

Many of Rabbi Wing’s congregation have family in Israel.

“So the main thing I’ve been doing is just reaching out and trying to, you know, find, you know, find out are your loved ones safe? You know, how are they doing? There’s there’s you know, people who know people of army age. And so, some of them are in reserve, which means that they don’t serve most of the time. Almost all the reserves are being called up.”

Golan has two nephews who were being called in for reserve duty.

Rabbi Wing mentioned that checking in on Jewish community members can go a long way. She added that Jewish people are scared and worried.

“It’s horrific. It’s horrific and devastating and shocking and sad and tragic. My Facebook feed is flooded with images,” Rabbi Wing goes on to talk about other people’s posts. “This is the picture of my daughter who was murdered or this is my grandmother who’s missing.”