ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — It is one extreme after the other with the warm weather currently, but safety is a big concern while working in the heat.

It seems like the Rockford-area has skipped a season, with temperatures in the 90s after a cold April. The extreme heat could be dangerous without taking proper precautions.

“Usually it’s not this hot this early.. and we are just trying to get through a few hours a day then keep going, just to stay safe,” said Jack Turner, construction manager for the Rockford-are Habitat for Humanity.

It is construction season for Habitat for Humanity, and Turner said that he and his volunteers are currently working on seven houses.

“Try to get all our volunteers to stay hydrated.. wear a, like, light clothing that doesn’t collect the heat more and that, just trying to keep everybody [in] as much in the shade as possible,” Turner said.

They will all take a few more breaks, according to Turner. He and the crew all watch each other for signs of heat stroke, like confusion or slurred speech. Because of the extreme heat, the workers are starting as early as 7 a.m.

“Try to get the heavier stuff done earlier in the morning, take lots of breaks and stay hydrated,” said James Laudicina, owner of Premier Concrete.

Laudicina said that he has been pouring concrete for 29 years, and that it is even more important for his crew to be cautious because they are dealing with tools and heavy machinery.

“Some people, you know, can’t handle the heat, and then there are some that can, and just important to stay hydrated,” Laudicina said. “You know, keep an eye on guys, see how they are acting.”

Both Laudicina and Turner said that they will continue to keep heat safety a priority for the wellbeing of their workers.

“We’re happy it’s warmer, it’s just that it would be nice if it got gradually got warmer next week,” Turner said. “Sounds like it’s going to be normal temperatures about 70 degrees, which is nice.”

More information on how to stay cool in the heat can be found on the CDC’s website.