(WTVO) — Most kids will be heading back to school on Monday after Thanksgiving break, but it is not long until they are off again for the holidays.

Health leaders said that diminished sleep can become a big issue, especially for young children. They said that parents should be aware of the recommended amount of sleep for kids and try to follow it as best they can.

Babies can sleep up to 18 hours, toddlers up to 12 and school-aged kids should get from 9-10 hours. Dr. Kaninika Verma, director of sleep medicine at OSF Healthcare, said this can cause issues at school.

“We are seeing that kids who don’t get enough sleep, their learning becomes an issue, they start having behavioral issues, they’re tired, they can’t focus, they’re hyperactive, because kids respond differently to sleep deprivation than adults, where kids actually become very, very hyperactive,” Verma said.

One of the worst sleep stealers is screen time. Doctors recommend shutting down electronics two hours before bedtime.