GILLS ROCK, Wis. (WTVO) — The frigid cold that the stateline has been experiencing is bad enough on its own, but the damage is even worse when someone boarders one of the Great Lakes.

Footage from the holiday weekend showed winds causing massive waves in Lake Michigan. Spray covered a small business in Gills Rock, Wisconsin, ultimately freezing it.

Th shop’s owner estimated the ice to be about a foot thick on the side of the building. She also noted that, although the wintry scene is beautiful, it could be detrimental.

“So, even though the Mother Nature has created some incredible artwork for us, it is a bit worrisome due to the weight that’s on the building,” said Gretel Sannikas, owner of Simply Scandinavian. “But, we’re betting on the brave little shop doing just fine with its tough Nordic genes and pulling through for us.”

Temperatures dropped down into the teens and wind speeds got up to 50 miles per hour on Friday and Saturday.