ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Christmas is on Saturday, only three days away, which means that people only have two days left to finish shopping for presents.

While stores were busy and parking lots were busy along E. State Street on Wednesday, it was not too bad, and one shopper explained why she waited so long to pick up the perfect gift.

“We weren’t sure if we were actually going to do Christmas this year,” said Pam Gonzalez. “We wanted to be sure everybody was healthy.”

Gonzalez hurried out to her favorite stores as soon as she heard her family was healthy and ready to celebrate, and this year is even more special with a new grandbaby.

“This year is exceptionally good to be able to get together with the family, so we are really, really excited about it this year for sure,” Gonzalez said.

While Gonzalez was not planning to be shopping last minute, Thomas Upham said that he just can not seem to shake the habit of shopping late.

“Of course, this is usually my time of the year,” Upham said. “If I ever get a gift before December 15, it’s a miracle.”

However, he does not recommend it if you can not take the stress.

Sisters Isabel and Amelia Runne used every second they had to find the perfect gift for their mom. They have been shopping since Black Friday to pick her present, but time is running out.

“We have no idea, we are just….maybe a tea kettle,” they said. “Yeah, something. We will see.”

While Gonzalez only has a few more days to finish getting all of the gifts for the kids, she said that this time of year is more about being with family than what you get.

“It’s more of a celebration of getting together, and we are thankful and grateful for that,” Gonzalez said.

People will have all day on Thursday to shop if they still need something, but many stores will close early on Friday, Christmas Eve. For those that are waiting until Saturday, Christmas Day, the only places open will be Walgreens and CVS.