(WTVO) — A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit over a gas pump sticker requirement in Illinois.

Gas stations across the state will be required to display signs on their pumps on Friday sharing that the state’s 2 cent motor fuel tax increase has been suspended. The Illinois Fuel and Retail Association filed a lawsuit.

CEO Josh Sharp said that he felt the sticker requirement was political, claiming it was just an attempt by state leaders to show that they are doing something about high gas prices. A federal judge threw it out before the case could even get to the courtroom, stating that there is no evidence to support that the signs are political.

One Illinois gas station owner does not believe the state is communicating well with them about the change. Gas stations could face a $500 a day fine if they do not comply.

A spokesperson with Governor Pritzker’s office said that the language for the signage is not partisan and is designed to protect consumers.