CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO) — At his daily briefing on Tuesday, Illinois Gov. Pritzker said the rate of cases doubling in the state has begun to slow down, saying the growth rate shows that the social distancing strategy is working.

At first, Pritzker said, the cases were doubling every two days; now new cases are doubling every 8.2 days.

“There is a deacceleration of virus transmission,” the governor said. “We are, in fact, bending the curve.”

The doubling rate is the rate of the number of days it takes for COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, or deaths to double, a key metric in determining any flattening in the curve. The shorter the doubling rate, the steeper the curve and the faster the growth.

On March 22, Illinois had a case doubling rate of just over two days, 2.02. And on April 1, the doubling rate was 3.61 days. As of, April 12, the COVID-19 doubling rate is now at just over 8 days, 8.17.

As of April 13, 4,283 known COVID-19 patients and suspected COVID-19 patients were hospitalized. COVID-19 patients in an intensive care unit (ICU) totaled 1,189, and 796 patients are on a ventilator. Suspected COVID-19 patients are individuals under investigation and assumed to have COVID-19 for the purpose of medical treatment.

As of April 13, Illinois has a total of 30,134 hospital beds, 2,987 of which are intensive care unit (ICU) beds. The state has 33 percent of all ICU beds available, 994 of 2,987, and 58 percent of ventilators are available, 1,742 of 3,140.

Pritzker warned that “We need to stay the course, for now, for our efforts to remain truly effective. This curve may not flatten and it may go up again if we do not adhere to the stay at home order. No matter what the President may say, I will do what’s best to safeguard the health of all Illinoisans.”

Pritzker referenced President Donald Trump’s comments at the White House Coronavirus Task Force on Monday in which he said he had the ultimate authority to re-open states, not individual governors.

“Everyone is susceptible to COVID-19,” Pritzker said. “You’ve either already had it or you will get it. Until we get vaccine.”


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