ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Winnebago County States Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross and Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea said they have arrested 32 people in the past 30 days for gun-related crimes.

O’Shea said two factions are responsible for a majority of the recent murders.

“We have a pandemic in our community of gun violence,” said Hite Ross, pleading with the community to give police information which will help them solve the cases. “Individuals with illegal guns are emboldened, because they know individuals won’t report them.”

“We’re in trouble, and we need help,” Hite Ross said.

O’Shea said the Rockford Police Department is following leads linking criminals from other towns who are stealing cars there, coming to Rockford to commit crimes, and then fleeing back to other jurisdictions.

“I wish we could incarcerate them all, but that won’t solve the problem. We need the family members of these individuals to come forward,” O’Shea said.

Speaking of the suspect involved in the crimes, “It depends on how they were raised, what kind of support mechanism they have,” O’Shea said. “Wayward youth are the ones who fall into this lifestyle.”

So far, in 2020, there have been 22 murders in Rockford, according to Hite Ross.

At the press conference, Hite Ross listed the names of those arrested in the month of September, including:

James Lamar Brown
Michael Mallet
Deandre Watkins
Whitney Watkins
Casey Lockhart, Jr
Jacob Bagwell
Jamal Sims
Jerome Davidson
Zachary Martinez
Marcus Freeman
Joseph Threadgill
Edward Hammonds III
Erik Posely

Sevin Glascoe
Drakaar Malone
George White
Malik Jackson
Neilquavious Thrower
Juan Ceballos
Janisha Hill
Jovan Hill
Kewon Woods
Brian Price
Jeremiah Coleman
Corey Sneed
Robert Winkelman
Mardarius Wright
Donald Gary
Isaiah Jones
Chabonnie Bennett, Jr
Deszreeon Hues III
Ikyng Burks
Elom Hicks
Tyronn Smith
Christopher Westendorfpeek
Dairris Coleman
Nancy Lopez
Brian Galor
Brian Hernandez

Trauvon Fair


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