ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — It’s been 25 years since 17-year-old Rockford East student Dominque Musso was tragically killed in a car accident. Though the pain of her loss still stings Dominque’s family and friends, a new local art installation honoring Musso has left a positive impact on those closest to her.

It all started when artist painted Dominque’s face on a building in remembrance years ago. Victor Rivera, a fellow artist, viewed the mural every day until the building was demolished.

When Rivera heard the Rockford Area Arts Council was seeking artists to design wraps for electrical boxes around town, he remembered the mural he saw so often.

“I always wanted to pay homage to the mural that’s paid homage to a young girl who I never met,” said Rivera, who designed the pink electrical box wrap now located at the corner of Winnebago Street and Morgan Street.

Dominque’s family says they love the vinyl wrap tribute that depicts Musso in her cheerleading uniform. “I thought it was a wonderful thing that the young man did,” said Musso’s grandmother Carol Shoudy. “It was just wonderful of him, and all of the family loved it.”

Rivera hopes people not only think about Musso’s life, but are inspired when they see his artwork.

“They can be reminded that tomorrow is not guaranteed. And whatever dreams you have and and aspirations, you have to go for them,” Rivera said.