Local experts offer advice to keep air conditioner running cool through the hot summer

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Stateline summer is in full swing and that means residents need to stay cool. Most, relying on their air conditioner to help.

Gough Heating and Air Conditioning owner David Gough recommends having the handy system cleaned once a year — to prevent something going wrong.

“By that point, of course, most of us technicians in town are going to be very busy when the weather is this hot,” said Gough. “It’s harder to get a technician out.”

Experts say many times, preventative maintenance is the key to avoid being stuck with a bad air conditioner.

“Making sure that your filters are clean, making sure the drains have been cleaned out,” said Gough. “A lot of people experience water problems in their basement and its because plugged drain lines.”

First responders say it can be dangerous if you do find yourself with no cooling system.

“That would be a time for someone to try and locate themselves to another place,” said Rockford Fire District Chief Will Pederson. “Maybe go to a public area, go somewhere where there is air conditioning.”

Rockford Fire says every summer, they see an increase in calls for heat emergencies.

“Lack of energy, complete exhaustion,” said Pederson. “Then just starting to not have good focal motor skills, things that they cant have a good focus.”

Gough says when it gets this hot and humid, everyone should make sure their windows and blinds are closed.

“Closing them in the hottest part of the day definitely helps to keep that heat out of the house and help keep the house cooled down,” said Gough.

But also avoid opening those windows when the temps cool down at night.

“The first thing it does it has to try to draw all the humidity out of the house, before it can bring the temperature down,” said Gough. “Once you open the windows and open it back up, you’re allowing all the moisture come back in.”

Rockford Fire tells me most importantly: Remember to check on loved ones during these high temps and to drink lots and lots of water.

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