Local non-profits team together to inspire the community to give back

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In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, Oscar Mike, K Cancer Baseball, Just Breathe 815 and Shatter Our Silence discuss how to make Rockford a better place.

The four local non-profits teamed up for a panel to teach others how to get involved in the efforts that are taking place everyday.

“If there’s somebody out there that sees a problem in the community and they feel very passionate about it, just know someone has been there before,” said K Cancer Baseball Executive Director Randal Rapier. “They’re doing something and you can too make difference in this community.”

Each organization addressed the need for their causes; wounded veterans, childhood cancer, teen homelessness or suicide among youths.

“When we think of problems that size, sometimes we don’t think we can make a ripple but what you’ve heard from the founders is that it was one or a small group of people,” said Rapier. “Like with K Cancer, it was just a group of people that got started and now we have well over 100 volunteers.”

“You don’t even have to have a skill,” said Oscar Mike founder Noah Currier. “Just find a local non-profit that means something or you care about the mission and get involved. I mean, they all need help.”

Beloit, WI resident Kellie Drewelow was among the attendees. She says although she’s active in her community, she’s never attended an event like Tuesday’s.

“Where it was just strictly non-profits talking about their journey, what they do and really, they’re struggles,” said Drewelow.

The organizations say giving back doesn’t have to mean reaching into your wallet.

Oscar Mike spoke about needing volunteers to maintain facilities. K Cancer asks residents to consider sharing hobbies like knitting or book keeping.

“For most of just living day-to-day and trying to support our families and trying to get through our work days, we don’t really know what’s going on in the community,” said Drewelow.

Tuesday’s panel wasn’t all about inspiring just the community. Currier says he’s taking away a few things himself.

“I think when you’re doing something like this, to know that you’re not alone and other people are going through the same struggles. Maybe we’ve learned some tips or tricks that can help each other out.”

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