Looking for company? Local animal shelters say now is the perfect time to adopt a pet

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — With Illinois’ Stay-at-Home order in effect, the Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter says all of its dogs have been adopted or are in a foster home.

“We had a gentleman call this morning who was very lonely, he was an older gentleman and he just needed something to love because he was by himself, so we said you know here we have the perfect cat for you,” said Noah’s Ark director Stephanie Lauer.

Lauer says now is the perfect time to foster or adopt a pet.

“It’s the perfect time to adopt and it’s the perfect time to foster and well if you, maybe, have been thinking about getting an animal but are not too sure, and you want to foster to kind of see if you want an animal, and want the responsibility, [this is the] perfect time. Contact any of your local rescues,” Lauer said.

Right now, dog kennels at Noah’s Ark, at 111 N 1st Street, sit empty, but there are still plenty of cats who need a loving home, Lauer said.

“We’re social creatures by nature and, all of a sudden, we can’t. You can’t reach out to hug someone. You can’t reach out and touch someone, so we’re all doing it verbally, and it’s not the same. But, you can still hug a kitty. You can still hug a dog. That’ll help you through the process and hopefully keep you from the darker side of this process,” she added.

Worries about the COVID-19 outbreak has local shelters fielding questions about the potential impact of the disease on pets.

“At this time, there’s not data that supports that your animal is at any risk to you, and [could] pass coronavirus on to you,” said Ashley Duewel, director of fundraising at A Little R&R Animal Sanctuary, at 4233 Dawson Lake Road in Poplar Grove. “So, I would just encourage people, if that’s something that they are concerned about, to speak with a professional or licensed veterinarian or health care provider.”

Economic stress is adding to the worries of many pet owners, too. If people need help providing food for their pets, some local shelters are offering assistance.

“If you need help, call. If you want to adopt, call. And not just us. It doesn’t matter to us. We’re not in competition with any other rescue, just rescue,” Lauer said.

If you’re interested in adopting or fostering a pet at this time, you’re encouraged to reach out to Noah’s Ark, A Little R&R Animal Sanctuary, or another local shelter.


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