LOVES PARK, Ill. (WTVO) — As the June 28 primary elections approach, a group of citizens in Loves Park have come together to promote the passage of a road referendum.

Loves Park Mayor Greg Jury said that most people who live in the city do not realize that they are not paying municipal property taxes. It is even more of a reason the existing road referendum is needed, according to Jury.

“That’s why this road referendum is a very important thing for us to keep going here in the City of Loves Park,” Jury said.

The road referendum was established in 2014, with strong support from residents.

“It’s been successful and right now, we’re in the process of extending it again for another 10 years with a 10-year sunset clause on it,” Jury said.

The 1% sales tax will continue if a majority of residents vote “yes.” The tax only applies to items purchased at retail stores or restaurants. It excludes groceries and medicine.

The revenue generated will be spent on public infrastructures, like upkeep of roadways.

“During that period of time, we’ve been able to do about $30 million worth of road repairs that we probably wouldn’t be able to do without getting this sales tax,” Jury said.

A committee of residents also recognized the importance of the funds and posted signs. Jury said that Loves Park’s roads are in fairly good shape overall, but improvements can always be made.

“We have got a lot of roads that we need to get to inside the subdivisions and the residential areas,” Jury said. “And we’ve also got some work to be done on Forest Hills Road.”

Only Loves Park residents can vote on the matter, but the sales tax applies to anyone who buys in town. It is estimated that at least a third of the tax collected comes from non-Loves Park residents.