MACHESNEY PARK, Ill. (WTVO) — “Illinois Craft Beer Week” kicked off on Friday.

It is the biggest week of the year for beer lovers. There are hundreds of events across the state, including in the stateline. One local brewing company is celebrating a little more than others, with “Illinois Craft Beer Week” falling on their 11th anniversary of creating craft beer.

“It’s great to have so many of our fans and ardent supporters come out and celebrate craft beer,” said Chris Langguth, head brewer at Pig Minds Brewing Co. “Not just here at Pig Mines, but across the State of Illinois in collaboration and in the spirit of what we do, and in the craft beer community.”

Pig Minds celebrated with some customer favorites and tapping five new beers for the week.

“Two barrel-aged stouts, a sour, a fruited New England IPA, and then, and again in the spirit of Illinois Craft Beer Week, we’re releasing a collaboration we brewed up with the ‘Olympic Tavern’ today as well,” Langguth said.

Langguth said that this week is another way to bring people together through craft beer. Brian Endl, co-founder of Pig Minds, said that he is excited to have a whole week highlighting the brewing industry.

“It always gives us a little bit of a bump. We’re outside of the city a little bit more. I mean, there’s a lot of exciting things going on in Chicago. so outside breweries, we kind of have to try and make a little bit more on our own, but it is a great thing and they still help push the entire thing throughout the entire state of Illinois,” Endl said. “And of course, it brings more attention to all local breweries when the whole guild is pushing an entire week for us and our industry.”

Langguth and Endl hope that this week will bring local brewing companies to the forefront while sparking everyone’s passion for craft beer.

There are deals and specials going on all throughout the stateline this week. “Illinois Craft Beer Week” ends on May 26.