ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — A major Rockford road is getting some badly needed attention.

Rockford City Council committee members addressed the issue Monday evening. They green lit an agreement with the state. The City of Rockford will take Alpine Road off the state’s hands if fully approved.

“People expect a road that is that well-traveled to be in better condition,” said 14th Ward Alderman Mark Bonne.

City council members approved an agreement with the state to improve the condition of Alpine Road, which is an unmarked state route.

“As an unmarked state route, it is a low funding priority for the State of Illinois, and it is in not the greatest condition,” Bonne said.

The road changes jurisdictions from state to city to county. The first area to be resurfaced will be between Newburg Road and Harrison Avenue, which is considered to be in the worst state.

“What will happen is the state will resurface it and then the city will take it over afterward,” Bonne said. “So, it’s relieving the state of future obligation, but then getting the resurfacing done much sooner than otherwise would have happened.”

This jurisdictional transfer will occur in phases until Alpine is fully within the City of Rockford. Pedestrian and bike lanes will also be added on both sides of the road as part of the state’s “Complete Streets” program.

“If you look at what’s in that section on the west side of Alpine, there’s a high density of apartment complexes, and then on the east side there’s retail, so you do have a lot of pedestrian traffic,” Bonne said.

With a number of deadly pedestrian and car accidents occurring on the road, it is important to address.

“It’s a safety issue, and it’s just a quality-of-life issue,” Bonne said.

The reconstruction project is being funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation.