RACINE, Ill. (WTVO) — The man accused of taking thousands of dollars of merchandise from stores in Illinois and Wisconsin is facing over four decades behind bars.

Jose Arellano-Rodriguez, 28 of Racine, has been charged with six felony counts of bail jumping and four misdemeanor counts of Retail Theft Under $500 and Retail Theft Altering the Price Under $500, as well as Driving with a Revoked License, according to the Racine County Eye.

Starting back in March, Arellano-Rodriguez was seen on surveillance cameras at a Farm & Fleet, Walmart and Koh’ls in Racine County.

He is accused of taking UPC codes from boxes of crayons, which are 63 cents, and putting them on more expensive items at least four times. He arrested on Monday at an Ulta next to the Kohl’s, being found with $108.50 worth of merchandise concealed in his pants.

In total, he is accused of taking $666.01 worth of merchandise from the stores.

In addition to the Kohl’s in Racine, Arellano-Rodriguez is accused of stealing merchandise from others in Gurnee, Illinois, Oak Creek and Brookfield. These thefts totaled $450, $998 and $730, respectively.

Arellano-Rodriguez told police while being arrested that he has an addiction. He was found with a large amount of cash, as well as an anti-theft tag removal device, in his pocket.

He is due back in court on September 13 for his preliminary hearing.