ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Tom McNamara ran unopposed to serve a second term as Rockford’s Mayor in the April 2021 election.

McNamara said, during his time as Mayor, property taxes have decreased, violent crime has decreased by 15%, and property crime by 27%.

Major changes during his administration included the opening of the Family Peace Center, removing blight from neighborhoods, expanding mental health crisis services, creating a capital improvement plan, and creating the Rockford Promise, which allows local students to go to college for free.

“Certainly, tackling crime is the number one issue for myself, and it will be for the new (city) council and for all citizens; number two, investing in neighborhoods and making sure our neighborhoods are sound, and we continue to see the increase in property value,” McNamara said.

McNamara was formerly Rockford’s 3rd Ward alderman until becoming mayor in 2017, succeeding former Mayor Larry Morrissey.

McNamara is the son of former Rockford Mayor John McNamara (1981-1989), who passed away in September 2020.