DEKALB, Ill. (WTVO) — Northern Illinois University introduced the Huskie’s new mascot on Friday, Mission III.

Mission III is a three-month-old puppy who comes to NIU from a British Columbia, Canada-based breeder.

“She really set Mission III up for success in his first few months, and he seems to be the
right dog for the job,” said Lisa Borland, the trainer and handler for NIU’s Huskie mascots.

Mission II will assist the new mascot in training, but is retiring due to severe allergies.

“His health and happiness are everyone’s top priority, and we want to make sure he is happy,” Boland said. “As his trainer, I have to listen to the dog and what he is telling me. He should have a happy successful life, even if it’s not as our mascot, and I think he will be happier as a pet.”

NIU President Dr. Lisa Freeman was among the first to welcome Mission III at a welcoming ceremony at the Holmes Student Center.