ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Yaniv Attar is the newest Music Director at the Rockford Symphony Orchestra. He will make his debut on Saturday, September 7th, and will be the fifth to take center stage for the Symphony since it was founded in 1934.

“I do feel like I’m coming into big shoes, but also with lots of new possibilities and new energy that I would want to bring,” Attar reflects on being the first new face to lead the Orchestra in 30 years.

Back in 2021, Steven Larson retired from the Symphony, years later Attar now takes over. It was a position that Attar applied for four years ago.

“I didn’t know much about Rockford before. I learned a lot. I did a lot of research, loved what I saw, and decided to throw my name in the hat. And the rest is history. As they say,” Yaniv said.

Yaniv is from Israel. He went to school in London, Montreal, and received his doctorate in conducting at the Julliard School in New York. Attar received his first job in Alabama and now has several, including Music Director at both the Bellingham Symphony Orchestra in Washington State and the RSO. He’s been conducting in some capacity since he was 17.

“It’s so inspiring and invigorating to work with 90 people and create this incredible amount of sound and colors that no other musical entity besides that orchestra can create. I love the orchestral repertoire. I love sharing it with people,” Attar said.

Yaniv has traveled across the world conducting orchestras. It’s his passion, he’s excited to share his and others’ hard work and looks forward to what is to come at the Coronado.

“That exposure is so uplifting, I think, and to get people from their daily craziness to come and just focus on the thing,” Attar said. “Something so amazing being created at that moment on stage is an amazing experience and I want people to experience that and to want more to feel like.”

Prior to tomorrow night’s show, Yaniv will be doing a Q and A starting around 6:30pm. The Orchestra will follow at 7:30pm.