ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Many people in the stateline, and across the Midwest as well, might have woken up to internet outages Tuesday morning.

That included stateline business owners, who had to scramble to find ways to operate without WIFI.

The internet outage was a headache for local businesses, because their credit card machines were not working. In addition, some did not have phone service, and they could not get or process any online orders.

That was the case at Rockford Roasting Company, 206 N Main St. Megan Devine, Rockford Roasting Company’s Communications Coordinator, said that not being able to use credit or debit cards, and only relying on cash, slowed down their sales.

They have a machine that allows them to work offline for awhile, which processes all of the payments once they can reconnect to the internet. However, Devine said that it just added extra stress to an already busy morning.

“A lot of people aren’t paying with cash anymore, so it really does affect business when we’re not able to capture the payments right when they’re given to us,” Devine said.

Lydia’s Cafe, 1710 Rural St, said that they came up with a Plan B as soon as they realized what was going on.

“Immediately we knew we would have to resort to cash payments, because all of our credit payments are ran online, so I let the customers know right away at opening, I put a sign on the door,” said Lukki Giardono, a waitress at Lydia’s Cafe.

Xfinity admitted that customers had service disruptions as a result of a network issue, saying they have addressed that issue, and that service is being restored.