‘Mills Fleet Farm’ coming to Cherry Valley in 2019

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“It’s going to be a big boom for not only Cherry Valley but Winnebago County in general,” said Cherry Valley Village President Jim Claeyssen, on a ‘Mills Fleet Farm’ coming to the village. 

The store will go into a 22 acre open space on Bell School Road, southeast of the CherryVale Mall. Village board members voted unanimously to bring the 35 million dollar project to the area. “This is a new concept store for them, it’s a little different then the ones they’ve done in the past, it’s 185 thousand square feet,” Claeyssen said.

The store will include amenities like a gas station, car wash, and lumber yard. The village through a one percent sales tax will be prepping the space this summer. “We know the alignment is going to take a while and all the water,” Claeyssen said. “So we’ll be starting this summer and hopefully wrapping up next summer with all our road improvement projects in that area,” he added.

To prep, they will add water mains and widen Bell School Road from two to four lanes. Part of the road improvements will also include a traffic light.”We’ve planned for all that through out capitol improvement plan and in our water budget, so I mean it’s one of the things that’s been on our radar for a long time,” Claeyssen said.

“It’s just an all around good store for our area,” said Cherry Valley Township resident Wren Gibbs. He says he looks forward to having a store he often visits in other states, now in his hometown. “We could use just another local shopping center other than Walmart in our area it seems like we have so many of those,” Gibbs said.

Gibbs also says it will help fill a missing gap in outdoor sporting goods stores in Cherry Valley. “Nobody here in town has had a place to go and buy those products for hunting season or any type of fishing season, or outdoors or anything,” Gibbs said. “It’s pretty much locally done at one store and that’s kind of where it’s at, now it’s nice to have multiple places that you can choose on,” he added.

The village board unanimously approved the project. ‘Fleet Farm’ is expected to open the store in October of 2019.

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