CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO) — An Illinois woman that had been missing since January has been found dead in a Chicago alley, wrapped in a sheet and dumped in a shopping cart.

Rosa Chacon, 21, was last seen getting into an Uber on Jan. 18, according to Fox News. She was reportedly heading to an address on Chicago’s Western Avenue.

Her body was found on March 15 around 10:45 a.m. by Chicago Police officers. The alley where she was found is less than 2.5 miles away from her home.

Members of the community gathered outside of her home on Friday to release balloons on what would have been Chacon’s 22nd birthday.

Family members said that she had not ordered the Uber by herself.

“I kept telling the cops, check the Uber out,” her mother said. “Once you check the Uber out, they’ll let you know exactly where she went, the guy who ordered the Uber, because we didn’t have no information, but they kept giving us the runaround.”

Chacon’s family had previously hired a private investigator to look into the incident as they had become exasperated with the police’s investigation.

A homicide investigation has been launched, though the cause of death was unknown at the time of this writing.