WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Ill. (WTVO) — People lined up for miles and waited over 3 hours to get a taste of Edwards Apple Orchard’s apple cider donuts.

Edwards Apple Orchard West, at 8218 Cemetery Rd, held the one day sale of their famous donuts from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., with a dozen donuts going for $10 a bag for drive-up customers.

“We wanted to do something good, so we’re calling it a ‘charity donut day,'” said manager Kristin Edwards. “We’re opening our orchard up and making donuts, and all the proceeds are going to Miss Carly’s.”

Miss Carly’s is a not-for-profit organization in Rockford which serves the needs of homeless people and those suffering from addiction.

Edwards and her staff had an early start to the day. The crew began making the donuts at 3 a.m.

Raymond Beardsley waited in line for hours. “I was up at 7:30 and I was going to come out earlier, but I figured, no… and I should have!” he said.

“I wanted to buy 7 dozen,” said Paul Pearce. “My daughter lives in Chicago, so she doesn’t get any.”

The response from the community was so large, donuts had to be limited to one dozen per car.

“We’re getting donuts in April, that’s such a cool thing,” Edwards said.

Carly Rice, the founder of Miss Carly’s, said she appreciates the outpouring of support from Edwards Apple Orchard and the community.

“They called me and told me their idea and I was choking back the tears,” Rice said. “I love things that are win-win, that are reciprocal.”

“We just wanted to bring smiles to everyone’s face,” Edwards said. “Everybody loves the donuts, and [to] help out Miss Carly’s, it’s a win-win.”

For now, Edwards says the early donut sale was a one-time event, but says she remains open to doing it again.


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