Mom says teachers did nothing to break up Rockford school beating

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) – A mother is furious with Flinn Middle School staff in Rockford after she says her daughter was assaulted on school grounds.

“The student grabbed her by the hair and attacked her,” said Donna McDevitt, the students mother.

McDevitt says her daughter is doing better, but the daughter will not be returning to the school. She says that the teacher did not do enough to break up the fight.

“She never dropped her paperwork, she never put her body or hands between them, she never did anything except raise her voice,” McDevitt said. “We have a video that was posted online several hours after this fight of this girl attacking my daughter, which clearly shows this teacher in this video standing over top of my daughter and not stopping the fight.”

McDevitt says that her daughter is still in pain from the altercation.

“She had two very large knots on the back of her head, probably the size of an egg that you could see swelling,” McDevitt said. “She had a bloody shoe print on her stomach where she was stomped.”

School staff did not call an ambulance or police after the fight broke out. McDevitt said that she does not feel safe sending her daughter there anymore, and that she will be changing schools.

“I feel like she is lucky to have had escaped with her life. I feel we are so fortunate she is okay. After watching the video, I feel so fortunate,” McDevitt said. “The video was probably eight seconds, and she was probably hit nine times in that video directly in her head.”

McDevitt says she is disgusted with how the situation is being handled, and is now warning other parents.

“I want all parents to know that that environment is not safe,” McDevitt said. “You may drop your child off, but you may not pick them up the same way you left them.”

McDevitt says she is speaking to lawyers and would like to see the other student arrested. A Rockford Public Schools spokesperson said they can not comment on specific incidents like this one.

The Code of Conduct says students can be restrained if they present an immediate danger.

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