ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The area’s biggest fireworks show is a little more than 24 hours away, but prepping for it takes months.

The production lead said that the hardest part was getting access to the shells and staffing, as there are some shortages. Now that that is out of the way, it is time to brighten the city’s sky over the Rock River.

“We’ve got about over 6,000 pounds of equipment that we’re dealing with here,” said display choreographer and pyrotechnico Michael Zuzock.

It is almost showtime for Mike Zuzock, the man behind Rockford’s fireworks show.

“We’ve got about 80 man hours between the setup of programming, packaging, labeling, scripting, getting everything together for the fireworks show,” Zuzock said.

Zuzock said the setup takes about two days as his crew prepares to shoot thousands of shells during the show.

“I’m actually the one who choreographs the show to the music, so depending on the song, we try to make certain scenes so you have different looks of the show,” Zuzock said. “And if you listen to the music, you’ll see when something breaks at a certain time, how it goes with the music so you really gotta pay attention to the music and enjoy the whole process of it.”

After being in the business for a little over 25 years, Zuzock said that he is ready to rise to the occasion.

“I don’t really get the pressure,” Zuzock said. “My whole hope, my only pressure is making sure the audience is happy. Because that’s, the biggest thrill for me is hearing the audience at the end of the show.”

He added that people should just come out and enjoy the show rather than trying to handle fireworks at home.

“I don’t recommend doing it at home just because of the safety concerns, leave it to the professionals,” Zuzock said. “Because a lot of times, all these accidents that happen at home is why the industry’s got so many rules we’ve gotta deal with.”

The production team will tie up any loose ends on Monday. The show is all programmed and ignited through a computer, according to Zuzock, so rain will not change anything.