FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — Law enforcement has announced additional felony charges against Daniel Sheets, 37, the Dakota athletic coach accused of child pornography and unauthorized videotaping.

According to the Stephenson County Sheriff’s Office, Sheets was brought into custody in the 100 block of Davis Junction’s S. Elm Street on Wednesday, August 16th after being let out on bond for two prior child pornography arrests.

Sheets was initially arrested on August 2nd in an investigation after an official with the school district filed a report about a teacher/athletic coach who was believed to have engaged in inappropriate communications with multiple female students in October 2021. Sheets was placed on administrative leave after the report was filed.

Sheets was been charged with three counts of Child Pornography and two counts of Unauthorized Videotaping.

Additional charges were filed against Sheets on Thursday, August 9th for 9 counts of Child Pornography alleged to have occurred in December 2021. The Stephenson County Sheriff said the additional charges were the result of an investigation that has been ongoing since July 11th.

Now, authorities have leveled an additional 5 counts of Child Pornography and 5 counts of Unauthorized Videotaping for crimes that are alleged to have happened in July 2019.

He was taken to the Stephenson County Jail.