ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Downtown Rockford has a new option for those looking for some office space.

MPOWR Coworking & Collaboration Center held a grand opening Wednesday afternoon. It is located in the SupplyCore building on N. Main Street.

Members have access to workspaces, meeting rooms and private offices. The idea is to utilize co-working, which allows individuals and companies to share resources in order to bring business costs down.

“The way of the world, the last few years, people’s work habits have changed,” said Nellie Miller, director of marketing for MPOWR. “We know there’s remote workers that work from home. They like that convenience, but they’re also tired of being at their house every day. Or, we know that leasing office space can be costly. And, so, we are looking to provide affordable, convenience and flexible solutions for people’s coworking needs.”

MPOWR also offers services like executive coaching and business strategy workshops.