New 911 system in Illinois will allow callers to send pictures/video to dispatchers

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The state of Illinois is overhauling its 911 system. The improvements are supposed to shorten response times while also giving police more information when getting to a call.

Most of the improvements are already made in some parts of the state. The new system allows 911 operators to pinpoint the location of a call within 5 meters of where it is made.

The current system would rely on cell phone towers to triangulate where a signal is coming from,
And even then that would only give a location somewhere within 40 meters of the call.

The new system will allow people to text and send videos to 911 operators, allowing them to get more information before heading to calls.

“Picture, it’s going to be great. Because, everything we’ve had to do so far to upgrade our shop, this project has made us improve here locally. We’ve got a list of projects that were, we’ve recently completed, and we’ll continue to go through, to get ready for this huge change.”

The state is partnering with AT&T to complete the $109 million project.

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