(WTVO) — With warmer weather coming, people might be taking celebrations outside to parks.

Some outdoor celebrations might include balloons or other plastics that can float away and get stuck in trees. This is not just an eye sore at the parks, as it can also be a hazard to the environment as well.

One park district reminded residents that there are other options for those taking celebrations outside.

“I would say bubbles are a good alternative to balloons, pinwheels,” said Savannah Donovan, program manager for the Urbana Park District. “There’s lots of other fun things that we can do outside that can, like, move in the wind if that’s what you’re looking for. Streamers and things are wonderful too. At least those are made of paper, so they biodegrade more easily.”

It can take up to 600 years for a balloon to break down, and they turn into a micro-plastic that still negatively impacts the environment when they do.