No more parking on Rockford’s residential streets for trucks with trailers

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Rockford Aldermen agreed to make a change to where some vehicles can park in the city Monday night.

The new ordinance bans trucks with attached trailers from parking on residential streets. One Alderman said that residents in his ward, and across the city, have been pushing for the change for months, and that the ban will make the city safer for drivers and pedestrians.

“There have been an increasing number of complaints from people who live in neighborhoods where trailers are parked on the street,” said 14th Ward Alderman Mark Bonne.

Bonne said that the hope is to make the city more appealing, while also freeing up spots in older neighborhoods where one-car garages are common.

“Trailers being parked there, taking up three spaces, it’s a problem in that regard,” Bonne said. “Also, there’s an aesthetic issue. They’re unsightly.”

Besides taking up too much room, trailers can also disrupt traffic and create safety concerns for residents, according to Bonne.

“In those same neighborhoods, you often find, if there’s vehicles parked on both sides of the street, you can’t have two-way traffic anymore,” Bonne said. “You need to reduce down to one lane, and the trailer is a particular obstruction in that case.”

Several residents at Monday night’s council meeting spoke in support of the ban, including Matthew Cacci. He lives near Gregory Elementary School, and said that trailers on the street can create dangerous conditions for students walking to and from school.

“It gets really tight, like I said, during the time where school is letting out,” Cacci said. “Obviously in the morning, but more so in the afternoon when they’re letting out, and you have trucks and trailers and whatever else parked out there.”

There is an exception to the new ordinance, which is for commercial vehicles parked in order to complete a service or delivery.

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