ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Tuesday was known as “Giving Tuesday,” meant to encourage people to support non-profits and charities.

Many of those organizations are adapting to modern technology, and said that they are trying to make it easier for anyone who want to donate to be able to.

“It’s just a great way for people to have alternate ways to give, other than just cash or coins for the bucket,” said Monty Wandling, the Salvation Army’s Winnebago County Coordinator.

This means that people will not have to go digging into their pockets for some spare change, as many charities and non-profits are adapting to accepting donations by tech.

“If you are like me, or many people in the world, often we don’t have cash on us, so it’s nice to have a way you can give in alternative ways,” Wandling said.

Wandling explained that the Salvation Army’s red kettles now have a QR code next to it, allowing people to donate on many different platforms, like Venmo or Apple Pay.

“It can be as easy as on your phone and click, and off you go,” Wandling said. “We’re trying to expand, because many people give in many different ways today, and we’re just trying to be ready and allow people to give in a way that’s easiest.”

Even the YMCA of Rock River Valley is adapting to the tech times.

“All over the nation, it’s Giving Tuesday, and so the people that collect crypto donations call it Crypto Giving Tuesday. It’s new, it’s different, we don’t know how it’ll go, but we know it makes giving easier for a segment of the population who does mine or hold cryptocurrency,” said Michelle Gorham, Chief Advancement Officer for YMCA of Rock River Valley. “It’s just another way to accept a gift and turn it into the cash we need to make our programs and services work. We really want to make sure that our doors are open for all.”