ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — One day after a lawsuit was filed against the Rockford Public Schools over a student being injured by a police officer at Auburn High School, a school board member is denying a cover-up.

The family of 14-year-old Parris Moore said they were initially told Moore slipped and fell in a scuffle with the school’s former resource officer.

But, surveillance video shows Moore being tackled to the ground by Officer Bradley Lauer.

The video shows Moore walking through the halls prior to the incident. The family’s attorney admitted he was skipping class.

Former Assistant Principal Scott Dimke can be seen attempting to stop Moore from getting past him as Moore refuses to stop.

He then pulls Moore into the office. What happened inside is not seen on camera.

Moments later, Lauer enters the office. He is then seen pulling Moore back out into the hallway and appears to slam him to the ground.

He suffered a four-inch skull fracture, resulting in permanent brain damage and losses in memory, language, and fine motor control.

The family says they believe the school tried to cover up the incident.

“We have not gotten an incident report from the school district or their attorney is telling us that there is no incident report for this incident on September 21st of 2021,” said attorney Al Hofeld, in a press conference held in Chicago on Wednesday.

Hofeld’s law firm first released information about the investigation to Chicago station WBBM, which ran a report last week. The suit was filed yesterday.

Tim Rollins, the vice president of the RPS 205 School Board, denied the incident was covered up and said the board was informed of the incident shortly after it happened.

“The information that is coming out, right now, is coming from one side,” Rollins said. “There is, usually, more than one side to a story. The matter is now in court. That’s why we have courts. It is the role of the court to sort through what happened and determine what the facts are and what actually did happen.”

Rollins said further details of what led up to the confrontation between Moore and the officer will eventually be revealed when the case goes to trial.

“We, as a society, are rushing to judgment now, based on partial information. Across the country, not just in this case, but across the country. It’s a bad trend. So, let’s let the court do its job and the court will sort it out,” he said.

Lauer is no longer a school resource officer at Auburn. The Rockford Police Department declined to comment when asked what his current role is.

On Wednesday, Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara said that he supports the officers and the long-standing relationship they have with the schools to provide a safe learning environment.